FMF x Ser Pegasus

FMF x Ser Pegasus

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I am happy to share ’Pegasus Breaching‘, a truly magnificent, and one of a kind creation! When I have the chance to work with Ser it always opens the door to do something that really stands apart from the rest. Chris carved this gorgeously detailed horse bust from a natural Aquamarine crystal and it was then bestowed upon me to design with as I pleased. I found the Pegasus motif worked very well with the subject matter Chris portrays in his work. The composition of this piece is meant to represent the birth of Pegasus after he sprung from the neck of Medusa and took to the sky. 

This piece is meant to be worn as a pendant or displayed in a sculptural manner


  • Hand Carved Aquamarine Horse by Ser
  • White Diamonds (VS f)
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • Sterling Silver

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